Technical Support

If you need to know one thing about All Things Dental, it is that we are always available to help. A phone call can sometimes determine the success of any particular case. We take great care to make ourselves available, no matter what the need may be. We have also provided below a couple of useful links, some of our most sought after general information. If we can help clarify anything, or you’d like to discuss a particular question, please call toll free 1-800-237-6189 and ask for Bruce.

Restorative Option Chart
Some of our customers asked if we could put together a guide to help them with chair side material selection. While not exhaustive, we feel that a simple and easy to use guide can help prevent extra appointments, delay of case completion and unhappy patients if they are satisfied the first time.

IPS Empress and e.max Guides (coming soon)
With as many similarities as differences, it’s good to get the facts straight from the horse’s mouth, as we like to say. Below, we will be providing links to preparation guides, FAQs and technical data for both the IPS Empress and e.max systems. Please call if you have additional questions.

Invoclar Vivadent
Vita 3D Shades