Our Process

Most dental labs focus on the bottom line or how large they can grow, but very few have remembered the importance of customer service and quality. At All Things Dental, those two characteristics have allowed us to continue to maintain our relationships through recessions and numerous changes in our industry.

Our process focuses on providing integrity, quality and value to our dental office customers. By focusing on these three pillars of our business, we’ve been extremely blessed and have maintained many of our dental office relationships since our humble beginnings in the late 80s.

Our staff works directly with the doctor to ensure that we understand your order and can verify that we are providing your exact need. All orders are first disinfected, reviewed for accuracy and any questions are addressed by our staff before we begin the development of your restoration.

Once the order is prepared for processing, we color code the order and generate a work order for your order that contains all necessary prescription data. This informs the technician on your exact case. It’s important to note that we treat every case different based on the dental office and doctor’s preference. We’ve worked with many of our doctors for so long that we even know their metal preferences.

Based on a typical order, after the order has been prepared for our technicians, your order is then sent to our plasters department. Once plastered, we then move your order from plastering to metals. We develop the metal for your order then move to waxing and porcelain. Porcelain is then layered onto the wax model and we take careful consideration to your coloring order.

While this process may seem simple, it is important to note that every restoration or product developed by our technicians is thoroughly reviewed throughout the process by the company’s owner to make sure each piece meets the expectations of quality our customers expect. How many other dental laboratories provide that level of quality assurance?

For more information on our process or how you can become a customer, please contact us.