Porcelain Restorations

All Things Dental works diligently to ensure that any porcelain restorations created by our staff obviously matches your existing teeth. In order to match your shade of teeth, we rely on the commonly used Vita Shade Guide. No guesswork, simply a great tool for doctors & technicians to mimic the natural beauty of your teeth with our translucent Vita porcelains.  Also, we make available a variety of metals to ensure that your porcelain fused to metal restoration meets both Doctor and patient’s expectations. While All Ceramic restorations allow us to create some of the most beautiful natural looking teeth, porcelain restorations that are fused to metal allow for a stronger restoration that is more durable and resistant to wear.  Available metals include:

  • Base Metal
  • White Noble Semi-Precious
  • White High Noble

In addition to our porcelain restorations, we also have available Cosmetic restorations, including restorations that utilize state of the art CAD-CAM technology.

Empress, E.Max Cad, E.Max Pressed, Porcelain Zirconia, Full Zirconia

For more information on our porcelain restorations, please feel free to contact us.