Partials and Dentures

In 1999, we brought all of our removable work regarding partials and dentures in-house to ensure that we were manufacturing the highest quality products available to our customers. From framework to process, our partials and dentures are some of the highest quality available for your dental office. Careful attention is paid to each denture and partial made and each case is carefully inspected by our expert technicians for quality assurance.

With such focus on quality, our removables department has become so successful, it has grown into what is now one of the busiest departments of All Things Dental. We can provide the following partials and dentures for your dental office:

  • Partial Frames
  • Partials (Includes Vitallium frame, set-up, teeth and process)
  • Premium Denture (Includes set-up, teeth, and Ivocap Injection process)
  • Standard Denture (smooth finish) (Includes set-up,teeth, and Ivocap Injection process)
  • Temporary Denture (smooth finish) (Includes set-up, teeth and PressPack Acrylic)
  • Acrylic Flipper
  • Acrylic Partial
  • Valplast Partial
  • Bite Block
  • Custom Tray
  • Bleaching Tray
  • Implant Stent
  • Metal Denture Base
  • Thermoflex Clasp
  • Wire Clasp
  • Rebase
  • Reline Denture
  • Reline Partial
  • Soft Liner
  • TMJ Splint
  • Repair Acrylic
  • Laser Weld
  • Altered Cast
  • Process Attachments

For more information on our partials and dentures, please contact us.