Ceramic Restorations

All Things Dental provides high quality Cosmetic dental restorations to its customers. All of our ceramic restorations are produced here in the United States, so we can ensure that you and your patient receive the highest quality and the most accurate product possible. The overall esthetic result of an all-ceramic restoration is influenced by the shade of preparation utilizing the IPS Natural Die Material Shade Guide, the shade of the actual restoration and the shade of cementation material.

We provide a variety of options for our customers to choose from regarding ceramic restorations. From the popular IPS Empress restorations to the state of the art CEREC in lab restoration, we can meet any of your needs.

We have the following ceramic restorations available for your needs:

IPS Empress

IPS Empress ceramic restorations set the standard in regard to esthetics, function and processing. The glass-ceramic used for these types of ceramic dental restorations scatters light naturally which allows the restoration to seem lifelike. We can provide veneers as well as anterior and posterior crowns utilizing IPS Empress.

IPS e.max System

The ultimate in metal-free esthetics, the e.max restoration allows for durability in a high-strength lithium disilicate glass-ceramic restoration. IPS e.max restorations are available as no prep thin veneers, inlays/onlays, crowns and 3 unit bridges. They are prepared with shoulder margin with rounded inner edges or a deep chamfer and may be layered or full contour. Cementation options include adhesive, self-adhesive for retentive preparation or conventional cementation.

CEREC inlab

The latest in dental technology, if your dental office has a CEREC system, simply create a digital impression of the tooth and send it to us. We can then create a ceramic restoration for the tooth utilizing this amazing new technology. Digital dentistry, as its called, can be recommended for several reasons: Model Free or Esthetic Model available; to eliminate shipping and/or pick-up/delivery; to reduce turn-around time for the doctor/patient; no upload fees for doctors; better communication between the doctor and technician; no impression material necessary; and to prevent infection.


Lava ceramic dental restorations are made from a resin nano ceramic material that offers high durability and less wear all backed by a 10-year warranty.

YZ (Yttrium Zirconia)

These versatile crowns can be used in a variety of situations if specific guidelines are followed. Bridges are also available using Yttrium Zirconia.

For questions, or to have us create a ceramic restoration for you, feel free to contact us.