Bruce Jackson, lab owner and manager, started training as a dental technician in the late 70′s.  Upon completing his certification he opened a small lab in Gainesville, GA and found his competition to be the Doctor’s trend towards having an in-house lab technician.  Then, while serving as lab manager of a larger lab in Gainesville, GA, Bruce realized his competition were the “mega” labs with hundreds, even thousands of technicians.  Determined to produce better quality restorations than those “mega” labs at better prices than in-house technicians, Bruce honed his craft and became one of the top technicians in our region.  After opening Bruce Jackson CDT, Inc. in 1990, Bruce employed and trained many wonderful technicians, some of whom have left to start their own labs throughout the south; however, many have remained on staff as highly trained professional lab technicians.  Bruce later in the early 2000′s encountered the off-shore movement where labs began shutting their doors to American technicians and became storefronts for Chinese laboratories as well as other foreign countries.  Rather than embracing this newly established wave of seemingly low prices and great economic gain, Bruce decided to compete with American values and freedom.  He systematically began training a new generation of technicians here in America who truly are gifted in not only their abilities but also their genuine concern for patients’ smiles.  Bruce may have suffered through less lucrative years as a dental lab owner and manager, but the knowledge of staying true to your values and integrity in this industry is worth far more than a fat bank account.  For this reason,  Bruce has decided to flaunt his “Made in America” motto with the American flag, colors and perhaps even some fireworks every July 4th!  Proud to be an American and proud to serve you, your staff and your patients here in America.