About Us

Since 1989, All Things Dental has grown in size and service area with God’s blessings. Founded by Bruce Jackson, All Things Dental provides high quality dental restorations to doctors throughout the United States. And, unlike many labs in the United States, all of our products are manufactured here in the USA, allowing all restorations that leave the lab to be inspected for quality throughout the process and to ensure that only the highest quality materials are used in manufacturing of the restoration.

All cases are handled in an ethical and precise manner, with careful attention to detail and genuine concern for the well being of the patient. These actions have generated a reputation as a modern, first class organization that provides exceptional services and unsurpassed quality by a talented and dedicated staff.

Our day-to-day operations are carried out with Biblical values as our guide, knowing that we answer not only to our doctors and their patients, but also to our own staff and their families, and ultimately to God. That is why you can expect a fair price on all our products, with no surprise charges, no material substitutions, and no questionnable practices in how your restorations are completed. In other words, you get what you prescribe! These values have enabled us to remain as a dependable resource throughout the years.

Since our beginning, we have been and remain to be a family owned and operated small business. We’re also very proud to care for our staff and their families by keeping their jobs right here in the USA. We don’t believe that we should send any work overseas when we can provide beautiful restorations here in our own lab with our own skilled technicians. It is also our privilege to maintain a healthy relationship with our customers, the doctors we serve, and to gain the trust of new doctors who need a dental laboratory they can trust.